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No-code User Management and Monetization solution for your GPT. Connect with Stripe and all OAuth Providers in 5 minutes.
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Your users can register using our portal. They can sign in using our authentication page with Passwordless email, Google, Microsoft, Github, Gitlab and more.
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Protect your API with Quotas or Gates.

You can setup quotas or gated content in a few seconds to restrict the usage of your free and paid users. Stop bleeding in server fees and start making money.
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Stripe Payment

Get your first paid users in 10 minutes

Connect your Stripe account, configure your products on PluginLab and get your first paid users. It takes only 10 minutes.
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Realtime events

Get a crystal clear understanding of how people use your plugin.

Connect your tools

Keep control over your data. You can use our REST API and SDKs to synchronize and control your data directly from your own servers.
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Migrate Anytime

Never lose control of your user base, revenue, or tech stack. PluginLab let's you control and export your Members, Events and Revenue data at anytime.
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Get insights

We work as middle layer between OpenAI and your API so we can provide all insights you need to understand your users and grow your business.
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Setup OAuth in 5 minutes and start getting new members.
160K+ users.
KeyMate AI entrusted PluginLab to facilitate their remarkable userbase growth from 0 to over 160,000 users.

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KeyMate AI has been using PluginLab to manage over 160,000 users and generates $80K+ in monthly recurring revenue through PluginLab's monetization feature.
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Most ChatGPT plugin creators are bleeding in server fees without any ROI. PluginLab helps you to get your user's email and to setup monetization. Stop bleeding, start a business.
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